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Driving is a passionate discipline

We were both initiated at a very young age to horse driving. When we joined forces over 20 years ago, we knew that we shared the same vision and passion, horses and driving.

François is a coach, examiner and certified clinician by Equine Canada. In 2003, he was certified as a Combined Driving Event judge by the American Driving Society. He is presently continuing his studies to reach higher certificate levels.

Monique is ddriver, navigator and groom. I am very implicated with the training and the overall organization of the team.

When we expressed the desire to own horses, François' father offered us a chestnut Canadian mare of 1 ½ years. He had not found any buyers for her at that time. She has become the dean of our stable, Bienvenue Héros Rosie.

What roads we have driven since then! She has allowed us to take on many challenges, traveled many American states including Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey as well as Ontario and Alberta in 1999.

Be it for Combined Driving Events or for Pleasure Events, she stood out because of her color, her elegance as well as an athletic physique.

We not only love competition, we also enjoy recreational driving, this is for us a return to our heritage.

Since 1999 we have organized many clinics. We have traveled all of the Quebec regions, many eastern Ontario regions, a little of New-Brunswick and British Columbia.

If you have a desire to learn, improve or validate your driving knowledge, it will be our pleasure to meet you.

François Bergeron
Monique Dandurand